For Educators

“Through its history, WCER’s focus on important educational problems has greatly contributed to its impact on local, state and national educational systems, and its goal of improving educational outcomes for all of the nation’s increasingly diverse students has thus far been met with flying colors.”

        UW–Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank

The ideal that improving educational systems and practices improves lives was a founding principle of the Wisconsin Center for Education Research.  It has remained the fundamental motivation for all work done at the center.

WCER has partnered with teachers and school districts throughout the state, country and world, first seeking to learn about the issues they face and then helping to find solutions. Researchers at WCER — many of them current or former educators themselves at the primary, secondary or post-secondary level — desire equal partnerships when working with teachers and administrators, knowing without such an approach, true learning, collaboration and progress are stymied.

WCER researchers continuously seek partners for their projects, with varying levels of involvement. For educators interested in incorporating WCER’s pioneering research into their professional development or practice, WCER’s NetworkEd connects educators across Wisconsin and the country with UW–Madison projects and researchers to form productive and rewarding collaborations.

Teacher Speakout! 2017

In May 2017, nine public school teachers from seven rural districts participated in a panel discussion and shared their experiences of teaching in Wisconsin’s small towns and rural areas. View the panel video, event photos, and more.

2017 CESA Conference

In May, The Network and WCER hosted representatives from Wisconsin’s Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESA) to participate in workshops and learn about topics essential to achieving excellence for all students in Wisconsin. View breakout session videos, presenter resources, and more.