New Grants

Taylor Odle has been awarded $348,342 from Arnold Ventures for “A PLUS or a Minus? A Mixed Methods Investigation Documenting the Decisions and Outcomes of Students, Families, and Institutions in the Parent PLUS Loan Portfolio” through June 30, 2025. (092123)

Jing Yu has received a grant of $49,999 from the Spencer Foundation for “Understanding Chinese International Students' Experiences of Everyday Racism and Mental Health Issues in U.S. Higher Education” through Aug. 31, 2025. (090123)

Percival Matthews has been awarded $1,249,913 from the National Science Foundation for “The RISE Postdoctoral Training Program in Mathematics Education: Inclusive STEM Education Rooted in an Integrative Theory of Learning” through Aug. 31, 2026. (083023)

Haley Vlach has received a grant of $711,202 from the National Science Foundation for “Moving Beyond Size: Word Meanings Underlying Children's Productive Vocabulary” through July 31, 2027. (082923)

Donald Gillian-Daniel has been awarded $1,250,000 from the National Science Foundation for “ADVANCE Partnership: Raising Equity Values with the Inclusive Professional Framework and International Organization for Standardization Standards in Engineering Societies (REVIIS)” through July 31, 2026. (082823)

Martha Alibali has received a grant of $686,055 from the National Science Foundation for “Collaborative Research: Promoting Children's Learning About Biological Variability by Leveraging Simple Card Games” through June 30, 2027. (082323)

Annalee Good has been awarded $9,683 from the University of Wisconsin Foundation for “Teachers as policy agents - research partnerships and workshops” through June 30, 2024. (080123)

David Williamson Shaffer has received a grant of $43,000 from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation for “Large Grants_NSF Mid-scale RI-1” through June 30, 2024. (080123)