David Gagnon

Field Day Lab Director

David Gagnon is the Director of Field Day, an education research laboratory at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. Composed of a diverse team of educational researchers, software engineers, artists and storytellers, his lab is focused on the intersection of situated and sociocultural learning theories with digital media, specifically video games, mobile technology and mixed reality. Field Day’s games have won numerous awards and are used by hundreds of thousands of learners yearly. Field Day also develops and supports the ARIS platform, an easy to use augmented reality game development tool as well as Siftr,a mobile platform for designing citizen science and citizen ethnography projects, that are used by researchers and educators worldwide.

Contact Information

Office: 1161C Ed Sciences

Current Projects

Collaborative Research: AquaLab 9: Developing an online game to support science practice learning using adaptive learning progressions
Collaborative Research: STEMPorts: Community Workforce Development through Augmented STEM Learning Experiences
Field Day-Phosephorus Game

Completed Projects

Field Day Lab
Exploring the Universe from Antarctica
Field Day Lab - Year 4 Funding
Field Day Lab - Year 5 Funding
Field Day lab - Year 6 Funding
Shipwreck Game Concepting