Nafsaniath Fathema

Researcher and Evaluator

Nafsaniath Fathema, Ph.D. MBA, is researcher and evaluator. She studies technology adoption and its impact on teaching-learning processes. Her other areas of research explore technology based innovative teaching practices in higher education with special focus on STEM education.

Being a mixed method researcher and evaluator, Dr. Fathema utilizes quantitative, qualitative or mixed methodology to study different research phenomenon. She taught a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate educational research methods and business courses in the US and abroad for over ten years.

Dr. Fathema holds a Ph.D from the Auburn University. As a Fulbright fellow, she earned her MBA in MIS and e-commerce marketing from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Contact Information
Office: 551-H Ed Sciences

Current Projects

Fathema Fee For Service Projects
Collaborative Research: CyberTraining: Implementation: Medium: The Informatics Skunkworks Program for Undergraduate Research at the Interface of Data Science and Materials Science and Engineering

Completed Projects

Scientific Communication Advances Research Excellence (SCOARE) Program
Building a Diverse Biomedical Workforce Through Communication Across Difference