Postdoctoral Training Program in Mathematical Thinking, Learning, and Instruction

This program gives recent graduates experiences in a range of scientifically rigorous methods applicable to math education research.

We frame the postdoctoral experience in terms of project-based learning by anchoring the training in ongoing research on mathematics education.

The program offers postdoctoral fellows individualized experiences through mentoring committees that select research methods courses, colloquia, independent research, and a capstone grant writing project designed to match the needs and skills of individual participants.

Participating fellows (a) participate in at least two federally funded research projects each of the two years in the program; (b) lead research activities and supervise graduate and/or undergraduate students working on the projects; (c) manage one’s independent research through at least one public presentation per year, and submissions of at least two first-authored manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals per year; (d) attend annually at least two graduate level methods courses and at least one methods workshop; (e) participate in at least one of the UW campus colloquia and present at least once per year; and (f) produce a Letter of Intent in Year 1, and a full grant proposal in Year 2 that would be suitable for submission to one of the IES programs or comparable federal funding agency (e.g., NSF).

The program will provide up to four 2-year fellowships. Two fellows will participate in Years 1 and 2, and two in Years 2 and 3.


Completed on August 31, 2017