Implementing a Workflow Visualization System for Design Based Research

The goals in this exploratory project are to design, implement, beta test, evaluate, and disseminate a fully automated, sharable Workflow Visualization System (WVS) to help researchers and educators preserve, organize, and analyze complex information/data captured from multiple design iterations of complex cyberlearning implementations.

Moodle is a widely used learning management system. We will augment its data collection algorithms with new tools that  produce visual, multi-layered representations of (a) the design of complex educational interventions, including information about variables such as tasks, resources used, participant structures, and  workspaces; and (b) the enacted implementations of these interventions, including data about learners’ completion of tasks or acquisition of resources and learner-produced data.

The WVS will support reflective teaching practice, sharing of adaptable successful interventions, and design-based research (DBR). The project will also tackle significant problems regarding privacy and protecting the rights of human subjects in research that involves data mining from online sources.


Completed on September 30, 2018