Improving Methods of Analyzing Alignment of Instruction to Assessments and Standards for English Language Learners and Analyzing Relationship of Alignment to Student Achievement

This work continues several years of collaboration between WCER and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) on developing and implementing a set of indicator data that serves teachers, districts, states, and researchers.

The CCSSO Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) leadership team includes professionals with experience in SEC data and research, technical assistance, professional development and project management. Their data analyses provide insight into teacher reports of instructional content, practice, professional development experiences, and readiness for equitable and innovative practices.

For this project WCER works with Ohio and project partners in supporting teacher and school improvement purposes through
* use of SEC data,
* continued research in linking practice and achievement, using SEC indicators as part of statistical models designed to explain student performance,
* additional content and alignment analyses of state selected standards and assessment documents, and
* development of the mechanisms for incorporating SEC data into Ohio’s D3A2 data sharing initiative.


Completed on March 31, 2010