Access, Agency and Allies in Mathematical Systems

In this grant, Access, Agency, and Allies in Mathematical Systems (A3iMS), faculty from 8  universities study how mathematics teacher educators, mathematics teachers, and students work together to support the fair distribution of opportunities to learn.

The research team will design, facilitate and study professional development that supports access and agency in relationship to the mathematical practices of argumentation and justification.

The professional development includes a 2-week summer institute followed by two years in which mathematics teachers will engage in action research.

We will study students, mathematics teachers, and mathematics teacher educators with respect to three features of an equitable mathematical system:
access—opportunities to learn;
agency—the capacity to act in fulfilling ways; and
allies—the ways system members support and advocate for others and self.

The project re-positions equity at a systemic level through the conscious development of an 'equitable system' that considers the roles and actions of all members.


Completed on August 31, 2017

Contact Information

Anita Wager