WCER Lunch and Learn | 4K During a Pandemic: Stories from Dane County

April 20, 2022, Noon-1 pm Central Time

259 Educational Sciences and Zoom

CRECE researchers

WCER, UW−Madison

CRECE researchers

COVID disrupted all levels of U.S. education, including public PreK programs. How did Wisconsin’s 4K programs fare?

In this session, CRECE researchers will focus on Dane County districts, presenting findings from surveys and interviews with 4K teachers and parents in 2020-2021. They will describe how districts made decisions about instructional mode and resource allocation and how parents and teachers experienced these decisions. In addition, we will explore potential silver linings in an otherwise challenging time.

All attendees are asked to register at go.wisc.edu/lunchlearn.

Free Ian’s Pizza and salad while supplies last!

Co-hosted by WCER All Staff Advisory Committee (ASAC) and the Director’s Office.